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Flat roofing Harrogate

GNR provide flat roofing solutions using Sarnafil, a single ply membrane. Under no circumstances do we advocate the use of GRP. If you need your flat roof replacing or repairing we can provide you a no obligation quote. Book online for a FREE quote now!

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Flat Roofing Service

GNR Roofing a pleased to offer high quality flat roofing services to Harrogate residents. If you are in need a replacement flat roof it is best to arrange a FREE home survey to establish what is required.

Our team of roofers are highly skilled and experienced in the construction of flat roof solutions from substrate, insulation to the most appropriate covering.

When choosing a roofer to undertake a flat roofing project we recommend that you consider a solution that offers a full guarantee that is backed by the manufacturer of the product to be installed, not just the roofing contractor.

How much is a flat roof going to cost?

The price of installing a new flat roof can vary depending upon access requirements, insulation build up and substrate requirements. As such, we highly recommend our free home survey so that we can offer the best advice for you and your property.

Our representative will consider your requirements, measure the roof area and offer advice on the best solution inclusive of substrate, appropriate insulaiton and detailing. A full and detailed quotaiton will then be provided.

Types of flat roofing

Flat roof coverings are varied. Over the years we have undertaken flat roof solutions for clients using an array of materials. However, today we only recommend one, Sarnafil 

Listed below is a few of the most common flat roof types found in and around Harrogate and some insight into the same.

  • Felt: Usually a bitumen based product which is hot applied using molten bitumen. Due to the inherent risks when installing such this has slowly been phased out by many contractors.
  • Asphalt: A solid surface of bitumen which sets hard and forms an extremely heave roof covering. Again, its use is less common today.
  • GRP: Glass reinforced plastic. In our opinion this is an exceptionally poor roofing material. From experience a roof done in this material tends to fail within 7 years. It is our recommendation that the use of GRP as a roofing material is avoided.
  • Liquid coatings: such as Kempar or Sika, such coatings are useful for certain applications and details.
  • Single ply: Our preferred product. A fully bonded and hot air welded solution which comes with a full manufacturers warranty. Single ply, Sarnafil, Flag Soprema and others offers a superb flat roof solution.

When considering a flat roof, GNR will, where practicable, always offer a Sarnafil as the solution. Further, we will provide insight into the requirements for a sub deck, vapour control layer and insulation.

Re-roofing services

If your roof has reached the end of its useful life then it may be time for a new one.

When it comes to roofing you want to engage with a trusted and experienced roofing contractor.

GNR roofing services have been established for in excess of 30 years.

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Re roofing service harrogate - GNR Roofing
Our Reroofing Services

Being in the roofing industry for in excess of 30 years we are well versed in looking after a wide range of roofing types.

It is imperative when choosing a roofer to undertake works to your property that they are suitably qualified to install a roof covering that is fit for purpose and complies with BS5534 and amendments. Further, when re roofing a property detailes such as lead flasings are often critical to providing a comprehensive solution. At GNR, we pride ourselves on undertaking proper leadwork in strict accordance with LSTA guidelines.

When replacing a roof it is important that is is properly planned and costed prior to any work starting. Further, a contract should be in place between client and contractor to ensure all parties are clear as to exactly what is involved and the associated costs of the same. At point of survey your requirements will be discussed and a detailed quotation provided which will form the basis of any ensuing contract.

How much does a reroof cost in Harrogate?

The number of variables in roofing are vast and therefore it is not possible to provide a guide price online. As every roof is unique we would need to take a look at the roofing type, layout and requirements before we can give you an accurate quote.

All roofing quotes are provided free with no obligation to proceed. We suggest you obtain quotes from 2-3 roofing contractors to ensure you receive an average price for the work and consider the opinions of others in relation to your project. It is important to remember however that the cheapest is not always the best option.

Roofing services in Harrogate

Our Roofing Services

  • Sarnafil Flat Roofing
  • Roof Leak Repairs
  • Guttering & Facia’s
  • Garage Roofs
  • New Roofs
  • Slating and Tiling
  • Specialist leadwork

Our Roofing Services

  • Sky Lights & Velux Windows
  • Chimney Repair
  • Repointing
  • Ridge Tiling & Pointing
  • Lead work
  • Slate Roofs / Tiled Roofs

Roofing FAQ's

How to choose the right roofing contractor

A roof is critical to your property, choosing the proper people to repair or replace it is equally so. At GNR we have vast experience in all types of roofing, and as such are ideally placed to offer a range of roofing solutions. When considering a contractor we recommend that you research them in advance. Of course, price is always a consideration but making sure the work is undertaken correctly in the first place should be of the highest priority.

Look for contractors who provide knowledge and insight at point of survey. Consider their trading history and solvency, if they are not financially stable they are unlikely to be able to afford to put things right should a problem occurred. Consider their reviews, a good contractor should be able to provide evidence that they can do what they say. Case studies, usually provided via a website are often a good place to start. If their work is of quality they will be keen to show it off. If in doubt, consider trade federations such as The NFRC for slating and tiling and The LSTA for standards in lead work and lead roofing solutions.

Quality roofing services start at point of survey, a face to face meeting is often the best way to get a feel for a trades person and the organisation which they represent.

When you get a quote, make sure it is written, clarity is the key to setting out what a contractor is going to do on your property. Remember, the quotation a contractor provides is usually the basis of your contract with each other.

Further, ensure the contractor is traceable after the event, you should have their name or the name of the organisation or Roofing Company whom the represent, telephone numbers and e mail addresses. Often, using a limited company versus an individual can offer at least some peace of mind.

What will happen if I need a new roof?

The requirement for a new or replacement roof covering is usually very clear. However, the signs that it is time to replace versus repair tend to vary depending upon the type of property and roof covering.

Below, we have set out a few of the most common roof types in Harrogate and offered a brief insight into when you should consider their replacement.

  • Slate roof: A slated roof, done correctly, is likely to last in excess of 100 years from new. Usually, slate roof coverings tend to require replacement for the following reasons. Nail fatigue, traditionally copper nails are used to fix the slates to the battens. Over time, the nails expand and contract with heating and cooling. This expansion and contraction can eventually lead to failure of the fixing which will result in slates starting to slip. Other common failures of slate roof coverings can be as result or the bedded ridge tiles, mortar failure on rooves has even brought about changes to BS5534. Further, issues tend to arise on older slate roof areas at interface points. Usually, such interfaces are weathered using lead.Commonly, ares such as lead valleys and flashings will fail before the slated areas resulting in the need to facilitate a lead repair.
  • Tiled roof: There are a plethora of roof tile types used across Harrogate. Many properties are covered with clay plain tiles. The failure of such roof coverings tends to be as a result of the tiles de-laminating becoming porous, and being subject to frost shattering. As with slates, common failures occur at interfaces with valleys, chimneys, flashing’s. Further, mortar failure of ridge tiles and verge details are common.
  • Lead roof: The installation of rolled lead sheet for roofing is a a particular skill. Lead should be installed in accordance with Lead Sheet Association Guidelines who set out the standards for installation in a manual. Commonly, failures of lead roof areas occur due to improper or incorrect fixing. When installed properly, there is no reason why a lead roof should not last for in excess of a century.
  • Zinc roofing: Zinc as a roofing and cladding material has gained traction in recent years. The contemporary aesthetic provided by zinc and standing seam roof areas has become a popular choice for extensions and details. We would not suggest that zinc is common place in Harrogate but would consider that its use will increase significantly in the immediate future. GNR undertake a number of projects each year in zinc and can offer comprehensive zinc roofing solutions.
Do you facilitate chimney repairs?

GNR are able to offer a number of options when it comes to chimney stacks. In brief, our services have been listed below.

  • Drone surveys. 
  • Cherry picker surveys
  • Access scaffolding.
  • Flaunching repairs.
  • Re pointing repairs.
  • Flashing replacement.
  • Lead back gutters and aprons.
  • Replacement chimney pots.
  • Pepper pots and bird guards.

Further, through Hot Box Stoves Limited we are able to offer solid fuel liner installations and wood burning stove installation services.

Roofing News

Read the latest on previous jobs we have completed in and around Harrogate or see what new services are being offered in the Harrogate area.

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Emergency roofers Harrogate

If you have realised that your roof is leaking or in need of repair then contact us straight away. Our reactive repairs department can send a qualified roofing tradesman to take a look at the issue and provide you with a detailed quote to fix the roofing problem.

Emergency roof repairs in Harrogate

Have you suddenly noticed a roof leak or issue with your slates/tiling? Then you may need the services of a roof repair. Our reactive repairs team are on hand to deal with all types of roof damage including missing tiles, lead flashing, leaks and pointing. Simply click any of the links provided and complete your details one of our team will contact you to arrange an appointment.

How long until you can fix my roof?

We aim to visit your property and provide you with a detailed quote within 1-3 days. From the point of receiving your quote we will advise you on the next availability slot to have the work completed. Please note that the time of year and weather conditions may have an impact on wait times.

What are the call out costs?

We do not charge a call out fee for our services and provide a no obligation quote for you to consider.