Harrogate Roofers | The Environment

The construction industry has a significant impact on the environment.

Transportation of labour and materials is a key factor in creating this impact.

By focusing on local areas we aim to reduce the distance travelled to undertake our work.

Further, when necessary we try to utilise the services of other local business for the supply of goods and services.

Such small reductions in transportation over the course of multiple business activities can have a cumulative benefit.

Moreover, much of our roofing work in the Harrogate area is focused around older properties.

As such, we actively promote re use and salvage of existing materials over the provision of new.

Additionally, through the use of lead in much of our work, considered the greenest construction material, we are further helping reduce our impact.


Perhaps the largest of all polluters.

At GNR, we would love to go all electric across our fleet. However, the current restrictions of such vehicles in terms of infrastructure is preventing us from taking the leap.

However, we strive to keep our fleet of vehicles up to date with the latest and most efficient models.

Further, we encourage our teams of roofers to avoid necessary journeys and drive in a fuel conservative fashion.

The Future

At GNR we are constantly innovating our business practices to take into account our impact on the environment.

Moving forwards we intend to continue this drive.

We will be updating our policy soon so watch this space…….